Pak Urdu Installer

Pak Urdu Installer for Windows 10,8,7 to download. Mainly Pak Urdu installer uses typing Urdu for windows. We only use Pak Urdu Installer software to write Urdu for PCs. We use many programs on our computer sometimes there is no option to write Urdu and then Pak Urdu Installer software is the best. If you are looking for Unicode software you have come to the right place.

 Pak Urdu Installer

Maybe this software saves you time and money. The typing method is similar to Inpage Urdu 2009.

To learn and write Urdu on a computer you need to install the Pak Urdu Installer software on your PC. After installing Pak Urdu Installer you will be able to type Urdu anywhere on PC Software or website you want. Normally, If you need to write Urdu you need Hardware keyboard but this software has built-in Urdu keyboard which is a good option for users.
About Pak Urdu Installer

Write Urdu any where in your Computer.

We mentioned above that this software is used to write Urdu in windows easily. We can change the language from English to Urdu with the Ctrl + Shift Key, Pak Urdu installer is a lightweight and small size software. This app is popular among webmasters in Pakistan. During the initial installation, you need to restart your window for the software to run. This software is designed for PC users. The size of the software is just 15 MB compared to others.

You have installed “Pak Urdu Installer” so that your computer has full support for Urdu. Urdu can be written anywhere on the computer and online or in any other language. You can also write Urdu in email, chat, online search, file or folder name, and text editor like Microsoft Word. After completing the setup you must restart your PC to complete the installation. Below you can see the Urdu Installer icon from the right side of the task bar.

Pak Urdu Installer

. In addition, the model can also be changed by clicking on the language bar. If you want to see what computer mode is in this software, see the Language bar in the taskbar.

Urdu font Jameel Nori Nastaleeq

If you want to type in Urdu in a text editor such as Microsoft Word, etc., the computer model from Alt + Shift left to English to Urdu and press mode from Ctrl + Shift right. ) Do it. So if you write an English word in the middle while typing in Urdu, you will not have a problem. In addition, it is better to choose Urdu font from a list of fonts like Jameel Noori Nastaleeq.


Remember that two or more languages ​​may be added at a time. In the event of more than two languages, pressing Alt + Shift on the left side will switch mode from one language to another, then from second to third language and so on, the mode will switch to last language and press. will return to the original.
Where can you write Urdu?

You can write Urdu for windows and whatever you need on PC. If you are creating a web page and you need to write Urdu here then use Pak Urdu installer software on computer. You can change the Urdu language to English from the Urdu Installer button in the task bar. Sometimes we use programs that do not have the option to write Urdu and install this software to remove this problem.

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